POLYESTER SCREEN PRINTING MESH 68T. Super quality counting fabric mesh polyester screen printing fabrics mesh. The fabric’s mesh are considered as fine mesh count, has high tension and low elongation, with excellent tear resistance and dimensional stability, it’s under base for Simulated Process, Suede Ink, it’s used for textiles, graphics, CDs, PCB, ceramic, objects, etc. printing.

Product Name Polyester Mesh 68T (175 mesh)
Material 100% polyester monofilament
Mesh Count/cm 68T
Mesh Count/inch 175 mesh/inch
Color White, Yellow
Width 330 cm or customized
Roll length 50-60m or customized
Thread diameter  55 micron or 64 micron
Mesh Opening(%) 34% or 29%
Thickness  85-95 micron or 108-110 micron
Weave type Plain weave
Feature High tension, low elongation, and halogen-free
Usage Screen Printing for Automatic machine, manual machine, table printing, ceramics printing, glass printing, textile printing.

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